Sustainable and responsible tourism

Responsible travel with an eye for nature, animals and people

If you are reading this, you probably love travelling as much as we do. Travel has an impact on our world, usually a positive one, but sometimes with drawbacks.

When we travel, we need to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the world. Socially responsible travel and sustainable tourism are therefore very important to us.

Sustainability means considering all life on our planet. At Amazing Asia Tours, we are committed to ensuring that our tours have no negative impact on the environment and respect society’s cultural heritage. We use regional components to contribute to the local communities.

Tourism stimulates economic, cultural and social developments in many countries. Amazing Asia Tours is located in the countries themselves and therefore we create sustainable employment. Both at our ever-growing office, as well as the many drivers, guides and local partners who are busy every day. We strive to show our customers the real local cultures and customs and hope to contribute to strengthening and preserving them.

Thailand guide driver tourists
Local guide and driver talk about cultural habits during a typical Thai lunch

We offset our CO2 emissions and advise all our travellers to do so with us. We also consider animal welfare very important and are constantly looking for new local initiatives (community-based tourism). Below you can read what this looks like in actual terms:

CO2 compensation

GreenSeat Project Biogas Africa2
Compensate CO2 emissions to reduce negative effects of travelling and create awareness

We travel responsibly by offsetting our CO2 through GreenSeat. If possible, we prefer eco-friendly accommodation, such as Bhuwana Hotel & Farming in Ubud, Bali. As a traveller, you can also choose a climate-friendly mode of transport during your trip. For instance, opt for an overnight train instead of a domestic flight.

Animal welfare

Elephants, Kanchanaburi
We don’t offer any elephant rides

In Thailand, elephant shows and elephant rides for tourists have long been common. This offer has thankfully already diminished, but it still happens. We do not participate in this. Amazing Asia Tours does not offer tours that include elephant rides and elephant tricks. The same goes for photo sessions with tigers, or visiting monkeys on strings into palm trees to pick coconuts for tourists. As a traveller, we ask you to be alert to this and not use these services. We do support responsible local initiatives, such as the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Dutchman Edwin Wiek.

Community-based tourism

Thailand Chiang Mai locals2
Boys and girls in traditional Akha dress, Chiang Mai

We stimulate the development of people by financing and stimulating local initiatives. An example of such an initiative is Philanthropy Connections Foundation. You can also visit these projects yourself with us. This way you meet the local population, learn from each other (for example about the local culture and by practicing the English language together) and at the same time offer support to the local community.

Human and environmental protection

We support ECPAT in raising awareness of child sex tourism among travellers. Every child has the right to be protected against this. If you are confronted with this, please report this to Childlinethailand or Thinkchildsafe.

Amazing Asia Tours endorses the importance of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), an international agreement between governments with the aim that international trade in animals and plants does not endanger their existence. As a local organisation, we are aware of our role in this. Amazing Asia Tours considers it very important to inform the traveler about this and to discourage purchases that are harmful to flora or fauna. Also to discourage purchases concerning religious or historical art objects.

Respect the unique beauty of Thai nature. (Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world, Khao Sok)