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Elephant Care & Mahout Training

After we meet and greet you at your hotel, it’s time to embark on a very special tour where you will get to meet the most incredible animals on the planet.

We will bring a short visit to a local market, where you can buy bananas and watermelons to feed the elephants. With pockets full of tropical fruits, we will drive to the elephant camp at the local village about an hour outside of Chiang Mai to meet the staff and the elephants. It’s time to change your clothes for a real mahout suit.

After you look like real mahout, you will learn about the skills of the mahout. The mahout will start the introduction of the mahout training course. Once you are ready you will meet the elephants and you can feed them some fruits. The mahout will explain everything about these intelligent animals. In the course you will learn in basic elephant language, how to communicate with the elephant.

After lunch the trainer will let you take your elephant by yourself to the river and enjoy bathing and brushing your elephant. They really do love this, a real unique experience! Then it is time for his mud bath, so you will bring him to a mud pool. The mud is good to protect their skin against the sun, insect bites and dehydration. Elephants love to play in it! After this unforgettable experience, it is time for your transfer back to your hotel in Chiang Mai.


9.5 hours
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Daily at 8 am
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Including transfers from and to your hotel in Chiang Mai.

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